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Thread: Rare Hamburger?

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    Rare Hamburger?

    OK, I've been wondering about this for a long time and it relates to you Yankee folk. Again tonight, I saw in a movie where a gal ordered a hamburger "RARE" Now this is definately a south of the border thing. I've noticed differences in our food but, I can't believe you guys really do eat hamburger rare, it's e-coli waiting to kill.

    So question being do you guys really eat it rare, or is it just a weird movie thing? They always do wierd stuff about us Canadians that we don't do too!

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    there are some idiots actually eating raw or very lightly cooked hamburger called tiger beef = perfect recipe for bowel explosion.

    steaks can be cooked rare because the inside is sterile, almost every speck of hamburger has been exposed to air and should be cooked to well done.

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    I just saw a discovery health program about E-Coli O157:H7. After that I couldn't look at raw meat without gagging.

    Eating rare beef is disgusting and risky to me but a lot of Americans like the taste of warm cow blood, they call it extra juicy.

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    I like my burgers WELL DONE! Refused to eat the things in the army because they weren't. Yet as a kid and later in Europe I liked steak tartare. Doubt I'd touch it now though. I think we have serious problems with food inspectors and expecting our food to be so cheap. It's probably a major cause of obesity.

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    Sue, steak tartar is steak that has been chopped on site at the restaurant, usually 'a la minute', that is to order. It hasn't gone through the same mass grinding procedures that hamburger meat has. Although a steak isn't exactly 'sterile', as CLC said, it hasn't been exposed to all the processing that ground meat has.

    For those of you (and I include myself in that category!) who do love your burgers rare, I'm starting to see 'irradiated' ground beef on the market; it's being sold to a lot of the big burger chains, and supposed to be bug-free. Or you can buy a piece of chuck roast/sirloin, and grind your own, either in a food processer, or with an attachment to a Kitchen Aid mixer. That way, you know exactly how clean the equipment and handler are, and you know exactly what meat has gone into it.

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    Oh my God!

    No way Marmalady! Wow I all most tossed my cookies when I read that you eat raw hamburgler . The thought of that seriously made me ill. If you were to order that here I doubt that anyone would serve it, geez I even think it's the law with the Food and Drug administration. We're always seeing and hearing commercials on what temperature to make sure our hamburgler is at, so that is thorougly cooked and e-coli free. This new hamburgler your talking about irradiated, if it is possible, geez what would they have to do to it to make it bug free other than cooking it? Makes you wonder . Please don't tell me you guys eat your poultry rare too, I don't think my tummy could handle another thing right now. Oh, no offence marmalady, just gross's me right out.

    PS. Makes me think though, I should buy stocks in your biggest "toilet paper" company, and the company that makes "immodium"

    PS. Gaad! seneca "warm cows blood" that says it all right there! Oh no where's my bucket?

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    Dont forget risk of CJD(mad cow)

    Wise thinks its unlikely to happen in US...

    But I Think its only matter of time

    "Experience teaches that, of all the emotions, fear stands alone in its power to move us, or to capture us in its grip forever. In a world of terrors, there is nothing more fearsome that the unknown...especially when what is unknown is ourselves." Outer Limits(Fear Itself)

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    LOL, Monkeygirl - I didn't say raw, I said rare - bordering on medium rare! And steak tartar is totally different from raw hamburger, for the reasons I stated below! If you serve steak tartar, or order it in a restaurant, be sure of your supplier, and only buy the best, and only order it from top quality restaurants. And no, I don't eat my chicken rare - although I did see 'chicken sushi' on the Iron Chef once!!

    Look here for an article about irradiated beef:

    Oh - How do you like your eggs? Over easy? Same problems!

    C'mon, all you cowboys out there - help me out!!!!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    GO VEGGIE!!!

    Okay, I just made a lot of friends, huh? I'll shut up.

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    OMG, I love Iron Chef. I'm absolutely fascinated by it because it's soooo disgusting lol. And how the panel ooo's and ahh's when they hear something will be served raw and gasp when they hear it'll be cooked. (I understand that it's a cultural thang but still).

    I won't comment on how great veggie burgers are.

    Monkey, in all fairness, don't you guys eat big fat slabs of bacon up there?

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