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Thread: Female self-cath in a chair...

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    Female self-cath in a chair...

    hey, I really desperately wan't to become more independent and being able to chair cath by myself would definitely help...I keep trying my OT's way of having pants modified with zippers and scooting to the edge of my chair before putting my feet up on the toilet but it's so difficult and scary (afraid to fall off chair). Any hints or tips? I'm a C 7/8 with decent hand function in my left...

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    Femal Self Cath

    If you're ready/able to look at surgical solutions there is a urological operation called a Metroffenoff(sp?) procedure in which a little connection is made between the belly button and the bladder and one can cath through that connection. I have had female quads find that it made a big difference for them and enabled them to be independent and bag-free for bladder care. You may want to discuss this with your urologist.


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    What is this? The same as augmentation? How big an operation? I have a problem with voiding if i don't empty my bladder regularly, could it work for me?

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    Sorry I didn't make myself clearer, it's just regulat intermittant cathetrization. I just try to do it from my chair by scooting forward to the edgeand putting my feet up on the edge of the toilet, so I can access everything (makes me wish I was a guy). Then I have adapted pants which unzip down the thighs.
    Thanks for the info about the supra pubic thing but I would like to avoid surgery...I'll just struggle along with this...I'm getting close!

    "Each moment in time we have it all, even when we think we don't."
    --Melody Beattie, writer and counselor

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    How about this solution?

    If you tried using a self-enclosed catheter (i.e., one with its own collection bag) then you wouldn't have to worry about your approach to the toilet.

    I use the hydrophilic-coated SureCath by Coloplast which comes in both male and female types. I know of no better product on the market for convenience and comfort.

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