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Thread: How much independence

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    How much independence

    Okay, by now some of u know I'm a c4-5 incomplete quad. I have most arm movement, so so balance and was wondering how much independence have others gained.
    Reason> I can transfer from chair to bed but can't put my feet up on the bed, any ideAs?


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    My son is a C4-5 and can't manage transfers, because he has so little triceps; can't 'lock' his arms out to support the weight.

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    how far are you post? It takes as long as 3 years for a sci to say they are confident doing everything (car, bed, toilet, floor transferes). I had the problem of not being able to get my legs up at first but as time goes by you learn how to do it (if you have sufficiant movement in your arms). My spasms assist me in getting my legs up but I'm having a baclofen pump soon so will have to re-learn how to do it differently.

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    Leg Strap

    I had the same problem but what my PT/OT's did was give me a velcro strap which I pass under my thighs and around the top. Then once I'm on the bed I hook my arm (wrist level) thru it and fall backwards while pulling up on my legs. It works great! It does take strong biceps and maybe some triceps but it may be worth a try (anything so you can go to bed on your own...) If you have any questions post here or email me

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    A short bungee cord with a loop on one end might do the trick.

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    Well, I'm 14 years post. The thing is I learned to do this when I was 14, (and 10000 pounds less) I'm now 140 pounds (about) and 5.4 tall so, of course, A LOT MORE TO PULL, I didnt keep up with my transfers for other reasons so I lost it. I tried the leg strap, it pulls my legs up but not onto the bed, I just bounce back n foward cause my abdominals r not that strong but, thats almost the way I used to do it b4, only that instead of a strap I used my arm wraping myself under the thighs than pullin back and in (i guess a water and lettuce diet would come handy now ). Well, any other ideas?


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    I envy you. I am also a C4/5 or a C-5/6 (it depends on what medical professional you're talking to), 2 1/2 years post-injury.. Anyway, I can't transfer at all. I have arm movements and some torso muscles, but no triceps, thumb or fingers. Could you please tell me your secret. Every therapist I've seen has said they don't know of any females at my level that had been able to transfer independently. I've been exercising consistently for the last six months, so maybe I'll get strong enough.


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    Here is what I do:
    I have a sliding board with the openings on the ends to fit my hand in. I park next to the bed, pull both of my feet together on the footrest (of the chair) closest to the bed, MAKE SURE they r well positioned on the footrest, if the r not, a spasm will let them out too easy, increasing your chances of falling. Then take the armrest of, I put my hand in the opposite end of the board up to my wrist and start wiggling it under my butt till its past one cheek, the board is then under me and on top of the bed. Then i put my right hand (bed is on my left)behind me between my butt and the back of the chair, lock it, put the other arm on top of the board lock it, then push up and wiggle to the side, relocate arms and repeat. If this sounds possible to u let me know and i'll be more detailed and continue on the rest.


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    How long did it take you to recover some arm fucntion?

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    I'm functionally c6 with no triceps to speak of.
    I was 5'9 standing, but i believe I'm more like 6' with all the loose joints, etc...I'm kinda like a loooong string of spagetti and whenever I'd try those sliding transfers my legs would drag me dowwwwwwwwwwwn - on the floor!
    Anyway, someone showed me an excellent way to transfer that needs no triceps, and no danger.

    you pull up straight ahead facing the bed. Lock your brakes! Get close enough to get your legs up in front of you.
    Put both legs up straight out on the bed - one at a time.
    Roll chair forward against the bed (or as close a your casters will allow).
    Scoot your but forward to the edge of your chair.
    throw your arms forward on to the bed so you're in a sitting position with your arms supporting you. Scoot forward till you're safely on the bed. You'll have to do a bit of positioning on the bed, but at least you're there safely.

    If there's a gap between bed and chair, stick a soft pillow in the hole to bridge. Do not stop to rest on the pillow, you will get "stuck butt"
    and be screwed!

    Does this make any sense?

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