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Thread: Standing Frames

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    Standing Frames

    Is it important to use a standing frame on a regular basis? I have been injured for ten years and the only time I used one was when I was in Rehab. I'm considering buying one...does anyone have any recommendations? Is there something better than a standing frame I should be looking into?


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    I like parallel bars better. Do those if you can and have access. However, you could stand longer in a frame cuz it does the work, not your arms. You can have the bars built for cheaper than you can buy them from a catalog. I know the frames are hella $$$ and you can't really fabricate one.

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    standing frame

    I have an "Easy Stand" which I got two years ago and then twenty-one years post injury.

    I had quite a bit of pain and I hoped to get some relief from standing but it didn't work as I had hoped.

    Easy Stand puts you at a straight ninty-degree full weight bearing angle which I thought I wanted. If I had it to do over again I would probably try one of the standing wheelchairs like "Lifestand".

    I had occasion to use one at about ten years post injury ( t/2 -t/3 ) and seemed like about a seventy -five degree angle and also could stand at a variety of positions which seemed to provide for a good stretch.

    I would recommend any kind of standing frame for any new injury and wish they were around and popular when I was first injured. I think in my case the effects of twenty years of sitting and onset of significant pain and reduced sitting tolerence decreased the desired benefits to me.

    The swimming pool seems to be where I can find solace and exercize.

    I'm not a Doctor but probably worth getting a bone density test before purchasing if you haven't already.

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    Standing Frames

    One potential problem with standing frames is leg fractures. If you have been using a chair exclusively for ten years, chances are that your leg bones have become demineralized and that they might not be able to support your weight. You should be evaluated by a physician and physical therapist before your attempt using a standing frame on your own.


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    I haven't stood since 1985. Even then, my torso wound up in a strange shape due to the scoliosis and gravity. I can't imagine what my upper body would look like if I stood now.

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    standing frames

    It is quite easy and cheap to make your own standing frame.....we did it. I would think that if you use a standing frame of some sort from the "get-go" it is quite bennaficial to you. The frame is not doing it all for are in fact bearing weight on your legs and not on your arms which is the idea to begin with, RIGHT? Our frame could be used by any level injury (pretty much so)'s safe.....solid....and does what it is intended to do.....

    Jim also uses the parallel bars and more weight seems to be put on the arms (which is great to build upper body strength)...but when he uses the standing frame it allows you to put full body weight on the legs.....I would think that it strengthens the bones, allows for good circulation, blood flow, aids in cardio health,as well as digestion. I also would think it would help prevent atrophy, as well as help prevent any pressure sores as the circulation is working better and it gets you off your hinder!!!

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    i am c6-7 quad and use an easy stand. it is very easy to use independantly. i prefered my old pipe frame standing stall because i could bend backwards but i had to have help to get into it.

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    You wouldn't happen to have a pic or have the dimensions would you? I love to build one for my son.

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    Iway my son also is 16 t9 from mva 9-15-01. Have plans for standing frame I can e-mail them to you if like. Need e-mail.

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    A website for standing frames

    I recently aquired a nice standing frame from Altimate Medical. Their toll-free number is 800-342-8968 and their website is . Check it out for comparison if nothing else.

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