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Thread: Working legs off with protein supp

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    Working legs off with protein supp

    hi im incompete currently working on my legs and i am taking protein supplements..i wonder if this will help me get more strength out of my work outs...will protein supplements reduce thelegs??

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    Protein is a must in a body builders diet. It absolutely is the building block for building muscles. In order to get enough proteins without the calories and fat, protein supplements are often taken after workouts to boost the total protein intake. A typical bodybuilder will try to intake 1 g of proteins for one pound of body weight, whereas the RDA is about 65 g. It is important to be on a rigorous training program if you were to intake this much protein!

    Your muscles need proteins to rebuild themselves, however, proteins will not build muscles without the exercise. Even with an FES program, I do not think your muscles are tearing down enough to warrant a need for excessive proteins. I just don't think it will do much-that's been my experience. I do think if you are going to work out upper body as well as FES on your legs a high protein diet would be beneficial. I will drink a protein shake as a meal replacement or sometimes after a workout, but I do not try to get 200 g of proteins a day anymore.

    I hope this helps. Work hard, we will be walking soon!

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