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Thread: Freezing your butt off?

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    Super Moderator Sue Pendleton's Avatar
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    Freezing your butt off?

    I know I'm not the only one who is always cold during winter and then have a few days of decent weather and then it is air conditioning season. How about the rest of you? And if anyone has a way to warm up please post it! I wear layers, use a microwavable heat pack and have tons of blankets on at night and still freeze. And we also just replaced the furnace (natural gas, heat pumps suck), A/C, water heater and will be redoing some insulation soon.

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    Hi, Sue, this is a little confusing - only one choice?

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    Super Moderator Sue Pendleton's Avatar
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    Wisconsin USA
    I hit enter too soon, try again.

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    me too

    always cold, I found the best way to stay warm is to come to Florida in the Winter. Other than that if I were to stay home, I would move around a lot and excercise as much as possible and wear layered clothing.

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    I have a small space heater pointed toward me constantly during the day while working. I can turn it on and off myself, and I always use it safely. At night, a heating pad under my head warms me up. Or wearing a "winter" hat.

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    Can't decide which way to vote... :)

    What determines "cold". I grew up in MN but live in Phoenix now. Do you mean midwest "cold" or southwest "cold"?

    Seriously, my leg are cold all the time even when it is 110 degrees outside. The best way I know to warm up is to snuggle.

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    I am always cold. If the temperature is below 60, and the sun is not out. . . I'm cold. The worst for me seems to be the wind. In the fall of last year, I had even considered going to a hypnotist to try and solve the problem, but this winter has been so mild and at I have been able to tolerate better so far.

    Can't complain about days like today in South Texas. . . Sunny and 75!

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    I used to live in a tropical country where 70 is cold, and even in the warmest days i used to freeze very very bad, i would stay during the day under the sun(90s in the weather), with a few blankets and ear muffs (my ears is the worst for the cold) (but the best for other things ) Anyhow, when I went to Canada in January 1990, my tempetures readjusted, I still get cold now but mostly when it is chilli, BTW i used to sweat like if i was under the shower when i was cold. Anyhow, Im not saying become an alcoholic but, when i hAve a drink (beer, vermut is better) It actually gets hot enough to feel normal.


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    Sue, what a great poll! Wise.

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    I'm always cold, and living in Canada doesn't help.
    Going to Arizona from Dec. to March would be nice,
    but I wouldn't want to live south of the border.
    Anyhow, I've tried all sorts of space heaters but they are all too loud.
    Finally come across a very nice 1000 watt heater which radiates great heat to about 4 feet.
    It's called the Presto "Parabolic Heatdish". Sold at Costco for $90.00 cdn.
    Looks like a small satellite dish and glows orange when on with no fan noise whatsoever.
    It's perfect.


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