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Thread: Please give support to MacKenzie

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    Please give support to MacKenzie

    I am in contact with Mrs.Clare to give support and resources locally as much as I can. MacKenzie is 10 years old, I believe her father will be also discharged from rehab in a wheelchair also but I am not sure of all the details now. Please send MacKenzie cards and well wishes. She needs to be encouraged as much as possible. Thanks


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    I googled her name and found a little more info:

    The internet wasn't around when I was injured, but my grandma put an ad in the newspaper asking people to send me cards and get well wishes. I got hundreds of cards from complete strangers. It meant a lot to me.

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    Over last weekend area girl scouts held two days of bake sales over ten locations as a fundraiser for MacKenzie Clare....They raised just over $41,000.00. There were many parent volunteers and donors, but the girls actually did the work in shifts at each booth, and in doing so, showed our community what sisterhood means when one of the members of the Girl Scouts is in trouble. I know many of these girls personally and they impressed me greatly.

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