Hey guys, i need some advice on something that happened to me yesterday. First of all i am a walking quad 15 yrs post. I went to the SAMS Club store in the city where i live. I went there to buy a tv. I was there for about 20 minutes with my mother, she decided to go and find out how much here card limit was was. I followed behind on my segway practically crawling speed wise. i didnt go to far becuase i saw the video game rack, i stopped. Out of the corner of my eye i see this person walking tpwards me. It was a SAMS supervisor. He had a smile on his face and simply asked me to leave. I did a double take and asked what did you say and again he said you have to leave you cant be in here with that thing(Segway). I explained to him that I was disabled and that I couldnt waok that well much less that far. He said that they had wheelchairs available and that he could get me one. I suddenlt realized that SAMS is a distributor of the SEGWAY. I asked him if he was aware, he said yes but that they only sold them on there online site. I spent alot time, sweat, tears, and blood getting myself out of the wheelchar. I went to college graduated in the top of my class, i was fortunate to find fulltime employment and leave the social security check behind. This man and this company humilated me embarrased me and now i dont want to even go through a drive thru, it took me sooo long to get over the fear of going in public. Can anyone advice me as to what I may consider doing, i dont even know where to turn. I just know I feel very sad. Officially I have been asked to leave SAMS, which i did, and now i assume that i cant go into WALMART either. Both of these stores sell products like showere chairs, urinals, things that disabled people use. How am i suppossed to go in and buy these things if i'm going to be hassled like this. WALMART proclaims to help the disabled and handicapped but that wasnt the case yesterday. Help someone, i feel very wronged and overwhelmed. All adviced will be greatly appreciated.