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    Scott, you must have re-registered from scratch.

    Jeff, thanks for getting the transfer. How is the sciwire URL domain switch going?

    My first impressions:

    The Good:
    1. The vBulletin software is much faster than Infopop.
    • Posts are being accepted within seconds instead of minutes.
    2. Internal links within the posts are working
    3. Search function is lightning fast.
    4. The integrated vBChat works with Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer but still has a few glitches.
    5. User interface is much more flexible:
    • Post displays can be set to have forward and reverse chronological orders, as well as the threaded and hybrid threaded display.
    • Navigation is faster with fewer mouse clicks to get the the posts.
    6. Forum display options:
    • vBulletin will now update poll topics so that a vote on the poll will pop the topic to the top of the forum.

    The Bad
    1. vBChat has glitches on each of the The Safari browser (Mac) cannot handle the VbChat scrolling textbox [Workaround: It is still usable because it creates a second window to show the chat text]. On Firefox, the chat window is too big and cannot be resized but this can be fixed by creating a new window and copying the URL address of the existing chat window.
    • Private messages are currently limited to 50 per user. If people want more, we can increase this limit, I suppose.
    • People cannot change their usernames. Once they have registered under a username, that is it. Infopop allowed people to have a separate user name from the display name.
    • There was some problem with the translation of birthdates. I think that people will want to check their profiles and make sure that the information there is accurate and what they want to public to know.
    • It is not possible to have the topic on top and the rest of the posts in reverse chronological order (like it was in infopop). However, because of the many navigational options to go to the last post, using threads, and hybrid threads, I don't think that people will mind this omission. A lot of people have been complaining about the reverse chronological order anyway.

    The Ugly
    • The member name is too big and is inserting a lot of empty space in the forums. It would be good to know what other's think of forum display.
    • The avatar size limit for some people is too large. There is supposed to be a 80x80 limit on avatar size. People putting in new avatars will not be able to load larger avatars but the avatars that were grandfathered in from previous profiles may have escaped that limit. So, people should reduce their avatar sizes if it is too big. The best way to do this is to use something like Adobe Photoshop and save to a web image with 80 x 80 pixels. If people don't have the software to customize their avatars, they can request that Jeff or I can do it or perhaps members of the community can suggest some free programs that can do this task.

    I will keep adding to comments, as I continue to check out the forums.

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    Wise -

    Yes, I did re-register from scratch. I've been a member of several vBulletin-based boards (non-sci-related) for quite a while & I haven't ever seen a way for vBulletin to allow users to change their displayed screen names... and I don't care for my old one from '01 (jmublueduck).

    Anyway, check your email... I sent a couple messages out with comments.

    Great decision to switch software though. I'm sure the feedback will be positive.

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    I have thought about re-registering as I am now just "bruce" however I will wait and see. After registering, I decided to be "projectorguy" .. an alter ego I use in my art practice. I then switched to my full name. For now, this works

    I really like vBulletin .. nice features and stuff.

    Jeff, you have done a great job making if feel like the old site. I really appreciatethe time and effort you have put in to make this happen so smoothly!

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