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    Over the last few months, we have been working very hard to transfer the database of this site to another site and preparing new software for the carecure site. This is because the hosting fees for this site have become very high as the traffic has increased and also because this site has been slow.

    Software. After extensive reviews of available bulletin board software, we decided to go for vBulletin which is not only faster but allow greater flexibility for people who may want to display the posts in different ways (including in chronological order, rather than the reverse order that we have on the current site). We have also decided to host the site on a server at Rutgers University to reduce the costs.

    Links. We are doing our best to make the transfer of the site as trouble-free to the users as possible. The same web addresses will be maintained as much as possible. For example, the link, as well as links should point to the new site once the official transfer is initiated. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the links within posts are pointing to the right topics and posts. Likewise, we have made every effort to ensure that attachments of photographs and other items are transferred over. However, there are some links that we may not be able to fix. For example, some of you may have links to pictures or avatars in your membership profiles that may not be transferrable and you may have to re-enter them. Likewise, many of you may have bookmarked specific posts and topics in the carecure site and these may not point to the right places after the transfer. We apologize for this.

    Archive your private topics. Every attempt has been made to transfer the entire database but we were not able to transfer all the information, including the contents of the private topics. Thus, if people want the contents of their private topics, they need go through their private topics and copy the contents to their computer. They will be lost with the transfer of the site. We will try to give everybody adequate warning of the transfer so that everybody can do this.

    Transfer date. We are thinking of making the date of the official site transfer on July 1. We will maintain the old carecure site for one month after that but people will not be able to post. This gives people May, June, and July to archive old private topic posts. We will have a month after the transfer to make sure that the new site is working right before the old site is closed down. Finally, while we are aiming for smooth forum transition and despite extensive testing for compatability with browsers and also voice-activated software, we know that some people will be confused by the new layout and may have some problems.

    I have asked Jeff Weeks and other moderators to edit this announcement so that the information is accurate. The week before the site transfer, we will do our first and only email to the entire membership to give everybody warning of the site and software change so that nobody is shocked by the change.


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    dr young is the site self sufficent as far as monies? is there a way to cintribute to the care cure site?
    i saw the brain talk forums server crashed and the guy running the show was going into his own pocket to get up and running again,

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    Yes, CareCure needs funding. Four years ago, Johnson & Johnson, Acorda Therapeutics, and I contributed the funds to help get the site started.

    To support CareCure, click the "please donate to the [Keck Center logo]" on the upper left hand corner. After you have entered your name, address, etc., you can specify that the donation go to CareCure. The funds will be used solely for maintaining and improving the site.

    The hosting charges started out at several thousand dollars per year but we now pay over $20,000 per year. This is because the charges are based on the number of page views and the size of the database. We have close to 300,000 posts occupying over 100 Gb of server disc space. About 50,000 visitors view over 1.3 million pages of the CareCure forums each month.

    We have close to 10,000 registered members. About 70% of registered members are themselves spinal-injured or have a family member or close friend with spinal cord injury.


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    Thanks for the heads up Dr. Young.

    Bummer about the private topics but I'm sure we'll survive it.

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    Doesn't vBulletin allow users to designate a file on their system for use as an avatar?


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    So i was just wondering,does this mean that members like Max who has 10,000+ posts and DA who is at 8600+ have to restart from 0 again?

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    Originally posted by alan:

    Doesn't vBulletin allow users to designate a file on their system for use as an avatar?


    There's a fungus among us, and I'm not lichen it!

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    Yes, vBulletin will let you upload a picture from your computer as a custom avatar.

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    Shaun - No one starts over again. Everyone's posts get transferred and counted under the new software.

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    Been good esp with KLD help for leg.

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