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Thread: complete injury recovery

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    complete injury recovery

    for coplete injuries.

    did you get return in sensation below your level of injury after 1 year since injury?

    did you get back any muscle control after 1 year since your injury?

    did you get nothing back after 1 year since your injury?

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    While the chances of complete recovery is very low for people with so-called "complete" spinal cord injury, a majority of people with such injuries recover some function below the level of their injury. That recovery usually occurs within 2 segments of the injury site but may extend lower. Christopher Reeve is an excellent example of such recovery. When he was injured in 1995, he as a "complete" spinal cord injury with no function below his shoulder. By two years after injury, he recovered both pinprick and light touch sensation over much of his body. At 5 years after injury, he recovered the ability to voluntarily contract his left index finger, as well as some movement in his legs. Such recovery are of course not enough and we need therapies to enhance and extend that recovery.


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    You might want to redesign this as a poll and put it in the Life or Care forum. It won't get much attention on this forum.


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