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    Dr. Wise,

    Thank you for everything that you do. My daughter is four. On June 21, 2004 we had a car accident. Leaving my daughter with a SCI. There is so much that I'm confused about. If you would please help us. First off the doctor told us that she has a bruise at T-10 Asia A. Well a week after the accident we were transferred to a inpatient rehab. The second day we were there she started to kick a ball a little with her right leg, everyone was very surprise. Before we left the hospital three weeks later she was walking with a walker with a lot of asst. Therapist there were saying that she is definitely incomplete. Our hopes were high.(still are) She has made a tremendous amount of recovery in the past eight months. She does suit therapy. In the past eight months we have heard the doctors say that she might have a conus injury, spinal root injury and a lower injury then they first thought. My daughter is now walking almost full-time with a walker. She is starting to use crutches in therapy. Our goal is in one year use crutches full-time. On 3-3-05 she had another MRI the doctor said at T-11 that she as severe damage and has atrophy. He also said that the cord has shrink.?????? Please help me to understand! She has sensation to half way below her knee. Her glut has no sensation. I can't do a digital stim on her because as soon as I start it hurts her. Her quads are very strong, hamstring are weak but getting stronger, she has a little muscle in her glut. She able to do bridges. No foot or ankle movement or sensation. She wears AFO's. Bladder and bowel the worst part. We are cauterizing still. It does hurt her sometimes. She has bladder spasms she is on dipapan. She has a feeling inside her sphincter and can tell when she as to go potty if its hard stool. If her stool is soft then she will have an accident. We are working on a bowel program. Please Help
    Thank You Very Much,
    Hope Jones

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    Mckayla (Hope Jones), I have copied this topic to the New SCCI Forum where I have posted a brief answer


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