I just received the following email from a carecure member and I wrote the following answer to the questions:

I'm just inquiring about the way the forum software is configured to display posts.
I see you guys say it requires less clicks to read posts in this fashion, but as a quadriplegic I disagree.
This forum moves entirely too fast for this to be true. I visit a few times a day, and obviously I'm not ontop of every thread as it progresses, so I continually find myself opening a thread to it's last page, and working backwards in a way that completely differs from the hundreds of forums I've ever used.
I don't think it makes things one bit easier myself. It would make more sense in a slower forum, but I'll come back to a thread that has grown, and I find myself having to flip through pages to find the last thing I read, then read UP to the end of the page, click the PREVIOUS page number, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, then scroll all the way back up as I read each post. This forum tires my hands quicker than any I've ever used.
Can we atleast have the option to view things in a traditional manner?
At the present, our web site software (OpenTopic) does not allow users to determine the order of the postings. We have had extensive discussions and had to make a choice. We are in the process of evaluating new software and hope to move to Vbulletin in several months... this will allow people to select a variety of display modes, including forward, backward, and threaded posts.

In the meantime, can I suggest the following navigational aids to ease the amount of handwork:
1. New Since Your Last Visit. On the front page of the web site, in the header text, there is a link called "new posts since your last visit". If you click that, it will show you a list of all the posts since your last visit. If you go down to the bottom of that page and start pressing the links from bottom up, it will take you directly to the last post that you have read in each topic. I suggest that you bookmark this link. You can also get to the "New Since Your Last Visit" page by clicking the globe between CareCure Community and carecure.atinfopop.com.
2. Today's Active Topics. Also on the front page of the web site or if you click on the globe, you can get a list of all active topics of the day. Note that the link on each of these topics will take you directly to the post. In fact, I think that it shows all the topics that you have not yet read on the site.
3. My Space > What's New. On your My Space Menu, there is a section that is called "What's New". On your preferences, if you select "My Space Page", it means that every topic that you have posted on will be listed in your what's new page, showing all the posts too those topics since your last visit. If you press the "View All" link in the "What's New" section, it will list all the topics that you have posted in.
4. Browser Navigation. I suggest exploring several single keystroke navigational aids that are available on most browsers and should minimize scrolling with the mouse. For example, on Internet explorer, hitting the space key will page you down while shift-space will page you up. Hitting ctrl-downarrow should take you to the bottom of the page while ctrl-uparrow should take you to the top of the page. On the Mac, there is a feature called sticky keys which allow you to do this with one hand or mouthstick. Hitting the Tab key will take you forward to the next link while hitting shift-Tab will take you backwards to the previous link.

I hope that this is helpful


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