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Thread: Dana Reeve on Oprah Show

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    Dana Reeve on Oprah Show

    Just watched it! It was a touching tribute to Chris by Dana and son Will and some celebrity friends. I read elsewhere some criticism of this interview because Dana was not aggressively pushing for sci cure, but I think this interview was appropriate because it is her first one since Chris passed. I think she intends to carry on with the foundation's work and will become very public. "Feel good" interviews like this one will increase her public recognition and popularity. There were two very good video clips of a young man and young woman who had sustained sci, each talked about what Chris Reeve's public struggle had meant to them. Dana did mention the website the foundation and research. Overall the interview was well done.


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    I purposely watched the Oprah Show to see what Dana Reeves had to say, and then last night she was on The King Show. Again, there was NO mention of stem cells nor therapeutic treatment for SCI folks. I am sorely disappointed that she couldn't use this opportunity to spread the word about stem cells, but I suspect that she might have been coaxed into NOT mentioning stem cells!

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    I taped both shows. I caught a little bit of Larry King when it was on and I think I remember a quick mention of stem cells. I'll write again when I really have time to watch it and I'll pay special attention to both shows to see what she says about stem cells, if anything.


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    I think Dana is developing her public persona now. The shows were meant to be a tribute to Chris Reeve. It was not meant to be a plea for more research. It was a gentle introduction of sci for the majority of people who know little about it. Before people will support a cause they have to feel compassion towards it. Dana is working towards this, then the campaign for reintroducing the Chris Reeve Bill will begin.


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