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Thread: Community Metrics 2005

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    Community Metrics 2005

    This is the new chart for 2005. It shows the number of members, the number of page views per day, the number of visitors per day, and the number of Megabytes downloaded. The first three points give the averages for years 2002, 2003, and 2004 for comparison. The heavy lines are 7-day moving averages. The light lines represent the daily numbers.

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    After a slow start after the New Year, the number of visitors and page views are picking up again. There was a dip during the week of January 12-19 because Infopop servers crashed and things were agonizingly slow. Wise.

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    The number of CareCure members is likely to hit 9,000 this weekend. Wise.

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    Wise, looks like a guy named Steve did it.

    And wins a new Carrrrrrrrrr.

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    Leo, thanks. It looks as if superbowl took a number of viewers away from us this weekend as well. Wise.

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    sThe taffic tabilzing at about 60,000 views and 3000 viewers per day, about 300 posts per day,,,,,,,,,,,Wise.

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    I am getting a little worried that the traffic on the site has plummeted in the last two weeks. Perhaps it is because the site has been so slow. However, this weekend, the number of page views fell below 40,000/day for the first time in over 6 months. Likewise, the number of visitors fell below 2000/day for the first time in a long time. Maybe it is spring time, competition from television? Wise.

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    Originally posted by Wise Young:

    I am getting a little worried that the traffic on the site has plummeted in the last two weeks.
    Don't worry-be happy

    Seriously-spring is comming, getting warmer-even I was out this week couple times

    Those who died last year surely quaranteed not to do it this year...

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    I think the falloff may be twofold.

    First, the slow response is a killer. Even this morning, took over a full minute for this reply pane to popup. Was hoping the downtime yesterday was done to help alleviate the slowness, unfortunately it doesn't seem so.

    Second, discussions on this website as well as many other disability related, has been focused on the current national "hot topic"(unnamed on purpose to dissuade starting another thread on it). I can only read/watch/listen so much about it and have been moving on to sites not dealing with it. Maybe others have fealt the same way. Hopefully things will settle down and return to normal soon.

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