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Thread: Search function now working

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    Search function now working

    I just did a search for Huang and got only 5 topics in return when I know that there would be hundreds. I notified infopop and am awaiting a reply.

    In the meantime, people may want to use thenow google search to find things on the site. Just type your search word into the text box on the top right of the page, make sure that the "Search" pigeon-hole is selected, and click search. When we first started to use the google search on the site, it was finding only a few of the topic because Google obviously had not indexed the complete site. A search for "Huang" on the Google yielded 162 topics while a search for "Huang ALS" yielded 18 topics, and "oeg als" yielded 21 topics. The number of topics seem a little low but nevertheless is better and faster than the internal search engine. I suspect that it will not be as up-to-date search as the internal find engine.


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    The search function is once again working. Infopop has fixed it. A search for "Huang", for example, now yields 54 pages of posts. Wise.

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