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Thread: San Diego -Awakenings Health Institute

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    San Diego -Awakenings Health Institute

    Hi there,has anyone heard of a new intensive exercise program for SCI called, "Awakenings Health Institute" in San Diego?

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    As a disabled,SCI person,I've always looked for this therapies/treatments and NO,sadly there is nothing,I live very close to San Diego and believe me I haven't found anything.

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    Yes. It is a not for profit run by a prior project walk trainer and recovered quad, and yes it is the same intensive type training that is offered in Carlsbad. I can get the info for you if you like.

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    Yes. There are two programs in the San Diego area. One is the Awakenings Health Institute and the other is Project Walk. A.H.I. is a non-profit intensive exercise program that works with Neurological Disorders primarily Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, and Cerebral Palsy. PW is a for-profit organization that solely works with SCI. Both programs work on retraining the nervous system and improving the health of the individuals by way of the various exercises. If you have any further questions about Awakenings Health Institute you can contact me, (Director/Co-Founder - 1 of 2) via e-mail at or by phone at (760)591-0836

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    Thanks very much, I'll contact you next week for an appointment.

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