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Thread: "topics I'm watching" not working properly?

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    "topics I'm watching" not working properly?

    When I log in I always go to "my space" and check the topics I've posted in for follow up. It seems to not work sometimes though . I'll see a topic I've posted in and it will show new posts since my entry, and it wasn't on my list of topics I'm watching. Or it will show zero topics I am watching when there are some. What's up with this? Is it me?

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    amanda, the notification feature has always been complicated and a little bit unpredictable. To tell you the truth, I was amazed when they incorporated this feature in the site because the server must track every person and create an updated personal list of the person's activity, and incorporating this information into a personal page cache for the person. The server sometimes falls behinds or gets confused. I am trying to get to the bottom on this. Thanks. Wise.

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