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Thread: Psilocybin mushrooms

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    Psilocybin mushrooms

    A friend of mine might be able to get a couple of psilocybin mushrooms in Mexico and bring them back for me. I haven't had these since the mid 70's-then it was great. However, 25 yrs. and a SCI later, I am wondering if it will be a bummer or pleasant. I don't want to crap my pants, screw up my bladder routine, barf on myself or sit there twitching with spasms for 12 hours! I know it's illegal, I'm not a drug taker at all, don't even like marijuana anymore. Don't drink. I used to when I was younger but the booze/drugs lifestyle just don't interest me now. I would like to try the mushrooms though but I'm a little timid regarding the effects physically and psycologically 25 yrs. post SCI. Anyone out there with a SCI try mushrooms? Thanks!

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    I have twice since my injury (c5/6).
    It was great. No pooping, peeing or pucking - not even a worry about such "earthly" matters.
    I did, however, have intense, constant clonis-like spasms in my legs for quite some time. My man had to sit on my lap for a while to keep them from running away. It was actually kinda cool, but made moving from place to place difficult.
    It was like my body was visibly vibrating with the universe (something we're not usually aware of).
    I say find a comfortable environment - somewhere you can plant yourself for a while - and go for it. BTW, some wine helped ease the spasms after a while. Well worth it! Wish I had some!

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    Be very careful. Mushrooms can be deadly in no time. Some teenagers in Floroda died after ingestion mushroom tea they made. I don't remember the type, but it was a hallucinigenic mushroom found in cow pastures in Florida. Three out of four of the guys died and the fourth needed an immediate liver transplant.

    Personally, I wouldn't touch the things. A grilled portobello though, that's heaven.


    "Life's a bitch, but I love her."

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    By the way, what kind of high are these things supposed to give you?


    "Life's a bitch, but I love her."

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    i've tryed mushrooms after sci and i sit there twitching with spasms also. it was to much for me.

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    I think you're always taking a chance with shrooms.

    Why don't you stick with the good 'ol mary jane, or a little hashish?

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    As a former shroom hunter, gourmet edible types, don't do it! Magic mushrooms grow naturally all over the US so why do these come from Mexico? Most likely they come from deep in the Yucatan Pennisula and near road sides. Road side shrooms whether for food or highs are growing in some of the most polluted land on earth. Heavy metals come out of leaded gas and catalytic converters. First rule of shroom hunting is never eat what you are not absolutely sure of. And if you didn't pick them, you aren't sure. Few mushrooms are deadly most poisonous ones just make you sick or taste gross. But there are a few that will make you high, then sick, then you feel better for a week and then you die from liver failure.

    Then there are the fairy tale mushrooms that people lick the spots off. Don't, those are deadly. There are shamans in the north Scandanavian countries that feed these mushrooms to reindeer then see visions after drinking the reindeer's pee.... I'd probably see visions too if I drank deer pee.

    Stick with known substances like, well, I don't know, a really good scotch maybe. But you can find psylosybins in California why get them from Mexico? And NO I would never eat a magic mushroom. Some also cause psychotic states and there are enough crazies in this world now.

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    Geez Smokey

    I can't believe you want to do shrooms now, I'd be way to freaked to, in a chair and and all, NO WAY MAN!! besides I don't do dope anymore, I ended up gettin wired. Anyway, if you really want to do them, My rule to myself was to never do a shroom I didn't pick myself, I don't trust anyones judgement when it comes to pickin them little buggers and you shouldn't either. PS : Scorpion ; They're along the lines of acid. Oh yeah, want to here something gross? One time I mixed fresh picked shrooms with ice creme, had no patience to make tea.( gag ) geez, I almost puked just thinking about it!, god I can feel them sliding down my throat.

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    they're bad for ya! Oh yeah, so's crossing the street...Much safer staying home drinking a bottle of scotch. Alchohol is much better for your health and head. After all, it's legal AND comes from a totally reliable source listed right there on the bottle.


    BTW almost died from grilled portabella mushroom poisoning! Go figure!

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    I did shrooms in the 70's too. It was a blast. It was a time when ignorance was bliss, I thought. Risk taking was it in my group of friends. That's why THE CHAIR today. But I'd be very anxious doing them now for reasons already mentioned by other members. All this reminds me of the Carlos Casteneda books that I read back then. I loved those books. Ah, Journey to Ixtlan and A Separate Reality !!!
    Today, How about a Corona with lime.
    It's from Mexico! At least you will know the outcome.

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