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Thread: Sarah Jaso has passed away...

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    Sarah Jaso has passed away...

    Having never been to this site before i feel the fool because it has taken a tragedy for me to do so.
    My cousin Sarah was a member here and while I realize she may not have been active lately, I believe she was at one time. She was known aptly as "QueenofQuads".

    Sarah was murdered on October 2nd very early in the morning. It is unknown for certain whether it was negligent homicide or 2nd degree murder. What we do know is Sarah, mother of eleven year old Austin and whose 27th birthday was coming up in about a week, died of suffocation due to her vent being turned off.

    It may end up that we never know the truth about her tragic death. Sarah has passed and her husband, who is now in police custody may never speak the truth. Domestic violence is thought to be the culprit by many members of my family while there is a minority view that it was a true "accident". Negligence in the worst way. The court trial is months away.

    Ultimately though, irregardless of what is found, our precious Sarah, is gone as we knew her.

    You can look in the Modesto Bee for more information- perhaps a more saavy member than myself can create links to the articles that have been in the paper each day since Sunday morning.

    I am writing because this was a community of Sarahs and I thought (think) ther are many of you who may have been touched by the brilliant fiery passion of my cousin at one time or another.

    Sarahs life not in vain
    Passions fury-
    Let it rain.

    All the boundaries, all the pain
    Washing away now-
    Let it rain.

    When the sun shines
    every day
    clouds or not
    we feel the rays

    In our sorrow, in our pain-
    must not overlook
    what might be gained.

    When sun shines & it rains
    rainbows arching lead the way
    to dancing moments
    no more pain.
    Let it rain.

    ALJ 10/06/2004

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    I am sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you find out what happened and, if necessary, punish the responsible party.


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    Unfortunately, I did not know Sarah. I am new to this site, but I am so sorry for Sarah's son Austin and your whole family. You will all be in my prayers.


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    My heartfelt condolences to you and the family.


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    So sorry for your loss. Please let us know of any further developments.


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    I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. Sarah and her family are in our prayers.


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    This is sad news. But thank you for letting us know. We share your grief.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Last Updated: October 4, 2004, 06:39:45 AM PDT

    Family members and friends of 26-year-old quadriplegic Sarah Cothran said Sunday they had tried to convince her to leave her husband, but she was committed to the marriage and refused.
    The Modesto woman was found dead in her home Saturday morning after her life support equipment was unplugged, police said.

    Her husband, Joshua Cothran, 23, told police he left his wife alone after a fight late Friday and found her body when he returned home the next morning. He said he couldn't revive her.

    After questioning him Saturday, police said they arrested Cothran in connection with his wife's death. He is in custody without bail at the Stanislaus County Jail.

    "It's hard to think that he would do that to the only person who loved him and kept taking him back," said Aimee Jaso, the victim's sister.

    Sarah Cothran became a quadriplegic about five years ago while driving to the Bay Area with her two sisters for a "girls day out," said Alyssa Jaso, her cousin. Their car was hit head-on by a vehicle traveling the wrong way on the freeway.

    In January 2003, Sarah Jaso married Joshua Cothran. They met in an unusual manner, her sister recalled.

    "I believe his friend stole her cell phone at a bar," Aimee Jaso said. "She liked him (Cothran)."

    Family members didn't approve of the marriage. After Cothran moved in, Sarah became reclusive. "We were all pushed out," Alyssa Jaso said.

    Some family members suspected there was abuse in the relationship, but they said they never saw signs of mistreatment.

    At the time of the marriage, Joshua Cothran was on probation for domestic violence. Modesto police spokesman Michael Amarillas said the conviction involved a different woman.

    Concerned for her safety and suspicious of her husband, family and friends said they told the young woman they would help her get out of the 21-month marriage. She rejected the offer, saying it was not needed.

    "I loved Sarah very much," longtime friend Michelle Wilson said. "But there was only so much I could do."

    Relatives took action before her death regarding her 11-year-old son, Austin. His father died in a car crash near Don Pedro Reservoir 10 years ago, and family members felt he should not be living with Joshua Cothran.

    A judge granted Sarah Coth- ran's aunt, Debra Southern, guardianship of Austin on Thursday.

    As part of the settlement from the crash that left Sarah Cothran in a wheelchair, a trust fund was established for Austin. That fund is controlled by his guardian.

    Less than 36 hours after losing control of that fund, her family pointed out, Sarah Cothran was dead.

    Despite being confined to a wheelchair, friends said Sarah Cothran maintained as much independence as possible.

    She learned to browse the Internet using a mouse controlled by a stick in her mouth and started communicating with people that way, Wilson said.

    "It didn't keep her down," she said of her friend's disability. "She was stubborn, but then we can all be stubborn."

    It was stubbornness that drove her to stay in the marriage despite the objections of family and friends, said her sister, possibly because she saw something in her husband the rest of them didn't.

    "His actions never spoke of real love for her," Aimee Jaso said. "Maybe he just didn't know how to show it, or maybe he just didn't show it around us."

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    Sometimes the sadness of the world gets into my bones ..... I share your grief .... I do believe in Karma.... my thoughts are with you and your family ....


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    My thoughts and prayers are with Sarah and her family


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