Monday September 20th marked a sad day for my wife and myself, for it was our official day of departure from Project Walk. We dreaded leaving, but realized our differences in perspective with a few. While we were in the process of gathering our things, I saw that my wife was showing more difficulty with the situation than I was. I felt torn about saying goodbye personally to everyone who was present at the time, but felt it was best not to make a difficult situation worse. I also believe that some of us may still continue to see and have contact with each other. Regardless our thoughts will continue to be with you, for everyone of you has improved our lives by the courageous examples of the human spirit that each one of you have shared with us. I also had the opportunity to experience a small measure of peace working with people, who possessed the finer qualities of people opposite of what I normally encounter while working at the police department. Now closes nearly a three year chapter of our lives, which will develop into an ongoing effort to help people continue their quality-of-movement and lives.

Here are a few things to possibly consider regarding any one method. Not only is the miracle in the method; but it can be found in numerous areas that are all equally important. Here are just a few possibilities to consider, since presently there does not exist an absolute solution. The miracle is: within the practioner who communicates the method, the client who interprets and transforms the method, and the environment that supports the adaptation of the method. The method is further complemented with the addition of an individual multi-dimensional, integrated/interdependent, and synergistic approach. The miracle is also within the client's body that has been given the amazing capability of healing itself through nature's design. Everyone else outside of nature is merely assisting the process.

And finally the nature of humans is that we are all multi-dimensional beings that have a mind, body, and spirit. When we address one dimension, we address all dimensions since they do not exist in isolation. Of course limits can surface, but often times than not the potential is worth the endeavor. Often when a slight potential is obtained it can result in a major improvement in the quality-of-life, bringing many people possibly one step further toward their ultimate goal. We believe that only when we look at our fellow humans as complete beings, may the full healing process be optimized.

We wish only the best to all of the Project Walk participants, and the remainder of the spinal cord injury community.

Best of health,
Corey & Mistie Jung