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Thread: Who are all these guests?

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    Hey Liz, I answered this in Food earlier today ...

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by marcomo:

    marcomo is my original ID here, which is why a lot of the older members refer to me as "marco". The problem was, since there were no pics of me, a lot of people assumed I was a male! That really bugged me, so earlier this year I changed it to "martha2" ... No one mistook me for a man anymore, but I just didn't like it. So, being a woman, I changed my mind ... again.

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    I recall marcomo postings..thought he was a guy from Italy!!


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    Marcomomartha , at the other forum I belong to we found offering Krispy Kreme donuts brought in many more members than plain old cookies. Just gotta make sure people keep their dewclaws off your faves - in my case that would be chocolate covered, cream-filled donuts.

    Almost forgot - regular coffee doesn't cut it anymore either - go for a full espresso bar. You'll have more members than you know what to do with.

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