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Thread: I'm Done....

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    For what it's worth....I'm new and you don't have to be embarrassed on my account. I've seen much worse on other boards. But I can see your point if someone is new to a bulletin board altogether. Hang tough!

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    I saw many times people saying -I'm leaving forever, Never ever post again! etc

    CJO is good example!

    But this website is much more than our little frustrations!

    It more addictive than nicotine because It gives best & vital info about recearch in the world not in scientific mumbo jumbo , but in language understandable to all!

    Nobody goes away! I bet people who left it, still peeking in -like curious kids into parents bedroom at night!

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    I here because I need a day care. Us old folks get grumpy
    I am done.


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    Has CJO signed off for good? I was wondering where he has been and how he has been doing.

    I would love to know how he is doing with rehab, I had been tracking his progress after his surgery in China.

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    here you go meg.

    " The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
    - Alan Kay

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    I relate, and I believe others do also. I'm not above frustration myself.I do believe as you do that the computer makes it easy for peole to be brave and forget there's another human at those keys.It is always nice to know we are sharing our spirit with people who want to heal and not harm.
    We all want to trust and build friendships with those who are like minded.I hope that what I share with others on here is treated with dignity and respect and I will try to do the same also. Every now and then we need to take account of our action's,and if it is in the form of someone saying they are leaving, then Kudo's to the person that brings this to our attention.Many people may just leave and say I thank you for caring...

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