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Thread: An open apology to all quads

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    "Now...stuff like this. Is this what we want a first time visitor's impression to be like?"

    Jdr it has always been like this here and I might add it happens even in other topics without any input from me. If anything, I am trying to do something about it. I said I will not post on wheelchair sports anymore even though I would like to, just to make peace, but the sarcasm still spews. I am not so sure about that 99.9% statistic for people that don't bicker. It seems a little over estimated.

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    I was talking about the entire site..not just this particular thread or forum. Anyways...I'll keep myself out of it.

    "...I have learned two great lessons - that there will always be heartache and struggle, and that people of strong will can make a differece. One is a sad lesson; the other is inspiring. I choose to be inspired" ~John Edwards, Four Trials

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