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Thread: Question about "Guest Access"

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    Question about "Guest Access"

    I would like to be clear about "Guests" having access to this site, esp given some discussion goin on RE a different but related issue about guests postings and comment being made about changing policy (I haven't really followed it so am a bit unclear).

    Can you- Wise or Jeff, outline what the policy is regarding guests and their access to the site, as well as their ability (or not) to post?

    I am asking because I am involved in Peer education/mentoring and have been directing newly injured persons to Carecure, listing this as resource into info package. I would like to guide them through site so they can be more familiar and comfortable with navigating thru site, as a guest so they don't feel pressured to register before they are ready and choose to on their own accord.


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    The site can be viewed by all guests, except for the following forums:
    • Relationships & Sex - registered member only
    • Carecure chapter forums - registered members only
    • Members Only - registered members only
    • Moderators - moderators only
    • Restricted forums (Keck, rugene, etc) - designated members only

    At the present, all forums require registration to post except the New SCI forum. In the research forums, the creation of new topics require moderator approval.


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    Let me tell you,

    I can't think of a more lovely
    Judy Mcoy for the crip love boat.

    I would like a tour....I'm almost acute.


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