I can't wait! I've been waiting for this van for six months now. I should have had it about six months ago, but the modifications company screwed up the order.

I sit very tall in the chair, approx. 59" tall, and have so much room in this van that its unbelievable. I still have at least 3" of head room available, and notice that there is no raised roof. We went with a conversion from a company called Nor-Cal and their Nor-Cal Max. They drop the floor 9" and the fit and finish is fantastic. I can't wait to be able to take my kids to the park and etc,by myself. Now my manual takes up so much room in my Honda that there is no room for anyone else, unless they stow it in the rear.

I'm a little disappointed with the Braun UVL. Its mounted much lower than I thought it would be. Even mounted on the E-250's chasis it only gives me about 7" of ground clearance. We decided on the UVL because of the kids. I didn't want to have to actuate the lift everytime they got in or out. Its a compromise, just like every other thing associated with an SCI.

As you can see in the picture below, I will be driving from my power chair and use it like a transfer seat. I will then have the option of getting the excersize I need badly and the convenience of the powerchair. If I just want to stop in and get a coffee, great, I'll just stay in the powerchair. I would love to be able to do that again, soon I'll be able.

(Ok, consider yourself lucky. I couldn't figure out a way to most multiple pic's in the same post, so you won't get to see my fat hairy self)


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