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Thread: Travel on wheelchair

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    Travel on wheelchair

    My son recently bought a portable transport wheelchair for me from . Its called "Aircraft Wheelchair" or someone called it "Wheelchair in Bag" since it fits in a nylon bag. The chair makes me feel so convenient to travel. My son can carry it with him during our trip to Europe last week. Thought that I would share with you.

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    I travel extensively with my mother who uses a wheelchair full time. I could not imagine using a "travel chair" like this. It would be difficult to push long distances or over carpet (hotels and cruise ships), difficult to get up over curbs or steps(most foreign countries have few curbcuts), unsafe (easy to tip over) and very uncomfortable for her. In addition, this chair makes the person in the chair totally dependent. They stay where they are "parked" until someone else pushes them, without the ability to even turn the chair to face a different direction.

    A lightweight folding standard wheelchair is much more practical for travel, safer, and allows all but those with the highest injuries to be more independent. Our Quickie II folds up and fits in cabs or rental cars easily. The chair you show is really designed for elderly people who only need a chair occasionally and can walk and stand without problems most of the time.


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