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Wise Young (324 Posts)
SCI-Nurse (211 Posts)
Faye (204 Posts)
DA (172 Posts)
Steven Edwards (147 Posts)

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Wise Young (100 Posts)
Max (85 Posts)
Faye (65 Posts)
JLB (49 Posts)
mk99 (39 Posts)

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Does it matter? by november (with 100 posts and 2593 page views)
Dr. McDonald by bullrider (with 58 posts and 2632 page views)
The joke of electrotherapy by Don Quixote (with 89 posts and 1903 page views)
About ready to give it all up by duge (with 79 posts and 1802 page views)
who's the one here you'd most like by duge (with 57 posts and 1797 page views)