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Thread: Thank you Dennis Tomlin/ RAA for listing us on your site!

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    Thank you Dennis Tomlin/ RAA for listing us on your site!

    Thank you to Dennis Tomlin, President of Rolling Across Alabama, for listing CareCure AND The Stem Cell Action Network on his great website!

    See CareCure and The Stem Cell Action Network at Rolling Across Alabama!

    Thanks again Dennis! Carol

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    Thank you for the very kind words Carol but no thanks was required. If anyone should be thankful it should be me. I thank you for all of your efforts in trying to find a cure for spinal cord injuries and for trying to make everyone's life that has suffered a spinal cord injury that much better. I hope one day there is a cure but until then we must make the most out of our lives as possible. In order to do this we must all work together, both those with the injury and those without. We must learn to help each other by sharing is much information as possible and by being there for each other when needed. Thank you for creating a wonderful forum that has created a wonderful SCI community. Keep up the good work!

    Together We Can!

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    Yes, thank you very much! Wise.

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