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Thread: How does the CareCure Community compare to other sites?

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    I have gained so much knowledge from CC it would be impossible to publish my website without a few links to you SCI Info Exchange

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    It's by far the best ive ever come across.There is so much a person can learn here,it's incredible.That and i havnt been banned yet for my monumental ignorance.Thanks everybody

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    I would have to say the best out there. Most of everything I learned about SCI and related things is from this site. I have looked over most of the internet SCI sites and they kind of pale in comparison. Thanks Wise.

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    This place is Awesome! I actually found it by searching for "Ditropan" on my Google search. I have learned SO MUCH here since last April and I'm 15 yrs post!!

    I even printed out a response by KLD when I asked about having a bone screw removed and showed it to my doc. He immediately changed my anesthesia!!! (Thanks KLD! )

    I cannot say enough about CC. Thanks to all of you.

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    To be able to have a Dr with SCI experience and nurses that truly care is RARE. There is no comparison to any other site. I recommened CC for this reason.

    The other forums are typical of any other web sites dealing with disabilities.

    My only pet peeve is the way it is set up.needing to scroll from back to forward if there's more than one's like flipping through a book backwards!

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    Maybe because the outcome of SCI can be so different, putting all under one roof is difficult. Some posts suggest that why are SCI people not united like AIDS people. Basically all people that have Aids are concerned because that disease progresses. SCI presents itself as a desperate condition in some and in others a condition where Independence is possible. Obviously the needs will be different. This causes friction. I think both sides need to have more understanding of each others position. So far the battle continues and it hurts all.

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    I am pretty new to this forum but from what I have seen its the best. I don't know how I haven't stumbled onto this site sooner. Been searching the web for years looking for answers to the questions. It seams they are all here. Good stuff.

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    other than the profesional support this place kind of sucks. Look at the members this place is loosing. Since following two years ago, carecure has "rotated members. Some would get fed up here, drop off hte face of the earth. some stuck around. And others pop in here and there. But for the most part there are a bunch of disgruntled whinners here that muck the place up. The purity and meaning of the forums is nice, but the moderation somewhat bites.

    Just my 2 cents, time to go...

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    A wiser person wouldn't touch this one...Booster, if you were elected Boss of all the Mods, what would be different? Sorry to hijack your topic Dr. Young, if this twists off we'll move it to a seperate thread.

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    I was going to disapear for another week or so, to take my carecure break, but this topic called me back. I posted this after a response to faye and melike in the below linked forum, thus it was done in haste. I needed to support this gripe further, the link below is a clasic example. There are dozens more. I speak of the purity of the forum, the philosophy behind having a "community" such as this. I am not placing myself as better than, nor pretending to fully understand this community. I just feel sickened when I see people posting questions, in need of support and their questions are bumped out of the way because someone has a problem with someone else. This place needs baby sitters to replace the moderators IMO.
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