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Thread: How does the CareCure Community compare to other sites?

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    How does the CareCure Community compare to other sites?

    I just ran across a site that gives a lot of links to web sites concerning spinal cord injury, but not to carecure. I was wondering how we compare with the sites that they link to. Thanks.

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    With all the complaints and criticism that surfaces from time to time on CareCure, It's still the best Damn web site on the web. The other web sites do not compare in the amount of activity that is here on CareCure. Some of the other web sites have days between posts. On CareCure the posts are replied to in minutes, not days. Another good feature of this site is that you get to know the members because they are active; you actually have the feeling that you met them in person, because after some time you build a more complete picture of them. I'm sure that Wise's frequent posts on this site is mainly the reason why it grew to this size, as we get cutting edge information on SCI, Cure and Care.

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    Dr. Young there are a number of SCI resource sites out there on the web which do not include a link to Care/Cure. I find it is rarely listed on the links list of major SCI centers, for example. Whenever I find a site such as this I always try to find a link to e-mail for the webmaster and sponsor and ask them to include us. It is worth a try.


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    KLD, I was wondering if we can start a topic where we can just report sites that don't link us and then perhaps members and moderators can emails to this site requesting them to link us? I use to write to these sites routinely but cannot find the time to do so any more. Wise.

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    It's a great idea. We should be encouraging as many links to our site as possible. From SCI sites and also member home pages, like Steven suggested. The ad-free access we provide to such helpful information is unparallelled. I think we would have many willing sites that would link to us.

    I think maybe the Web Links Forum could be home also for links to sites where we should be represented. Members who want to give back to the community could send emails to get us linked. This is a great idea.

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    When I went over to Cure Paralysis Now, it did appear that they had given it a facelift, but they mentioned the APA which is now the CRPF, and they don't seem to be in the year 2004.


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    I can honestly say that out of all the SCI sites I've visited there have been none as informative nor have a true feeling of community as this site offers.

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    What do we do about recipricol links..which
    seems to be proper net manners?


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    I can't say enough! Like many others here, this is THE PLACE that regularly meets my needs. I have access to information about current cure research and application, and access to all the other community forums. So, that is to say, the site meets needs intellectually, emotionally,and generally. I usually mention this site to every doctor my bf sees. Yes, sometimes I just keep telling the same doctor over and over about this site! Other sites are seriously 'slow' or 'comatose' as far as member activity. This site is living, breathing and meeting new challenges DAILY. Just like each of us do individually. It is TOP RATE and due most definately to Dr. Young, and the rest of the administrative folks.

    We are all faced with a series of great opportunities... Brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

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    I've also thought that an introduction to CC should be part of the patient/family education process at every major hospital. I don't think Harborview routinely tells people about us yet, and they get new sci patients every day.

    I remember a bulletin board outside the gym in rehab . . . maybe I'll make a little flyer and ask if they'll hang it up for us.

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