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Thread: Who and what is the CareCure Community?

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    What was written here seven years ago is the reason I have'nt posted in any heated any time. It means too much. It is not a political type community, even though we have a forum for those who want to go in that direction.

    I think some forget the true reason CareCure is here. Maybe it's because I can remember, like it was yesterday, how much my life has changed having CC IN my life. I was pretty close to ending it at the time.

    And it was'nt just the info that helped me, although the info here beat what I was getting from my doctors, it was the people..........there is a core of people that stay somewhat the same, but can differ at times.....that help whenever they can.

    Wise has set up the would not be CC without him. His nurses and his moderators do a lot of work here to keep the bones intact. Without the bones......we would be paralyzed.........

    I will forever be grateful to Wise for all he and his staff have done for me. I'm one of the ones that spend a great deal of time home, alone. So I do depend on CC being there for, I hope, a long time to come.

    This is a large community, I would be surprised if there were'nt differences of opinions, but it's the way we're handling them that leaves a lot to be desired.........

    Something one of the members said kind of stuck with me.......behave as if you were visiting Wise in his home with his family present. I think that would affect some of the actions that have been exchanged here lately.

    We're not here to solve the problems of the world, or create any new ones. If a thread you're in starts going south.......just leave it, please......

    Let's give Wise, the nurses, CC, the rest of the staff, and other members the respect they so deserve.........

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    i am 38y/o and have borderline mental retardation and turette syndrom and i am a very talented junk artist that makes the most amazing art out of junk and id like to hear from others because i cant understand why as a adult artist with disabilities i cant get any kind of help but the run arounds and no one will help me get my art noticed or funding to do more of my art

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    Carecure gives me the confidence to face the challenges of the future knowing that others have been there too. And, survived. So many of my fears have been answered in this forum. I really couldn't have done it without its help. Kudo's to all responsible. May you never tire of those in need of its contents.
    I refuse to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.

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    I agree with all the above. I never thought that the internet would be like family; but this site has been better than family in many ways. I was really concerned for some of the ones on here and the inability to contact them or offer what little I can to those in need.

    Thanks to all who make this site what it is. I've been to others and none compare to the care and compassion I feel here. I feel blessed to have found CC and those who come here.

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    Couldn't agree more Patrick. Very well said.

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    I found this "Mission of CareCure" recently, which is a necessary supplement to this discussion.

    This was written by Wise, to help clarify the 'mission' of CareCure, describing what the mission of CareCure is and what it is not.

    I think this is an essential read for all members. (and a good candidate for 'Sticky'?)

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    This is a place where I can vent my frustration of not having a chair for C3 hubby for a month and people understand what it means and how devastating it is.
    I can call out in the middle of a blizzard when no one else can get here and someone will understand how helpless and vulnerable one can feel.
    I can search threads for real answers when no doc in town has a clue.
    A generous person here posted a link to his care which helped me learn how to use a cough assist when the DME basically dropped it off.
    There are some very funny, intellegent and kind people here.
    SCI nurses are wonderful.
    The list goes on and on.

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    I won't say that I have had time to read this entire thread, because I haven't. So I am speaking from my heart here, as someone who does not have SCI, but cares enough to come here from time to time to make friends and just BE here because I care...

    It's called moral support. Sometimes it's needed more than other times.

    It's called friendship...Who among us hasn't needed an extra friend from time to time?

    It's called human kindness...Caring about each other and offering to help, advise, find answers, ask questions, seek information.

    It's called hope. Hope that someday a cure will be found, hope that tomorrow will be better than today, hope that everyone will try to be more understanding of each other.

    Thank you, Wise, for this website community that has helped untold numbers of people. The impact of this community may never be fully measured. The good DOES outweigh the bad. Thank you Wise!!!

    Take care all,


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    Quote Originally Posted by chick View Post
    The debate and question about what CareCure is about - it's mission, purpose, who and what it serves - seems to resurface every so often. It may be a good time to revisit this thread .... again.

    Maybe people can step back and read what Wise has written about this. Let's hope people will not only read, but truly listen.

    CareCure is a place he create as a service to us, and the least we can do is show it, and him, some respect.
    Sounds good Chick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obieone View Post
    Thank you for digging this thread up and for the reminder Chick !!

    How could that possibly have been 7 years ago - I suddenly feel very old ! Have we really known each other that long ? This is truly such a special place - beloved by many I believe !

    I do not have a spinal cord injury. People in the Care Cure Community saved my life more than once. I was brought to focus and intention in my life and career. This is most definately a community. 7 much has happened in 7 years. Looking back even two am different..I am not her.

    Care Cure grew and changed too. I think it deserves its own respect. A better culture. I think Wise did wonders bringing this thing to life and keeping it up when it might have been easier and now might even look easier to bury it. I support his work. I support him. Nothing will sway me from that. This man has done more for individuals with and without cord injuries than anyone else.

    Thanks Chick for bringing this discussion back.


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