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Thread: trigger word? moderater queu?

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    trigger word? moderater queu?

    I just tried to post in a private topic...hit post and went away to do something...came back and this message was on my screen...this is not word for word, but the gist of it..."trigger word detected..this post has been put in a special queu for moderator approval"...what is this about? This is a private topic and it said nothing innappropriate. I'm not real happy about moderators monitoring a private topic post to say the least.

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    also, the girl that referred me to this site told me that moderators cannot have access to private topics, but administrators can, but don't go there...apparently she didn't know what she was talking about

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    okay, it's fixed and thanks. but i'd still like to know why it happened and what ya'll are working on that caused this. I get that nothing on the internet is truly private but this just kind of threw me for a loop. thanks.

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    I posted this late last night and was just wondering if someone would have time to address it today? Thanks.

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    Moderators are not monitoring any private topic post. There is a filter option on infopop involving trigger words, Dr. Young was trying it. He turned it off as soon as you notified him. I can understand your discomfort at thinking a private topic might be monitored. Oh, moderators do not have access to private topic posts. The reason your friend said not to go there is that we recently had a debate on the subject, related to how the infopop software counts up views on PT's. You can find the whole story in this forum.

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    thank you betheny for your explaination. that makes me feel better. I knew I had not done anything wrong or inappropriate, but when that happened it kind of freaked me out. thanks again.

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    Blundy, nobody looked at your private topic posting. We had just set up certain words that would keep certain posts from showing. I turned off the feature and also posted an explanation of this when you came into the chatroom but you apparently did not see it.

    Regarding so-called private topics, that is just a way for you to communicate with another person on the site without the rest of the world looking in. It is not meant to be a private email system. If you have something that is truly confidential, please use email. At the present, moderators cannot look at the private topics although administrators can. I can assure you that neither Jeff nor I (the only two moderators) have looked at your private topic.


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    thank you for your post Dr. Young. No, I did not see the reply you made in chat room because I was not in there...technically yes, visually no. I didn't know how to get out. thought if I just closed the screen it would take me out. didn't realize until I went to sign off the site I was still "in" the chat. thank you for your reply though. I appreciate it even though I did not see it. thanks again for the reply here.

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