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Thread: Darrell Gwynne story in NM magazine

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    Darrell Gwynne story in NM magazine

    I just finished reading a great article in New Mobility magazine about Darrell Gwynne the drag racer who was injured during a drag race event in England. Through his nonprofit organization the Darrell Gwynn Foundation (, Gwynn teams up with Sunrise to give away approximately six $10,000 Quickie wheelchair each year. The process takes a few months, they bring in therapist and the rehab hospitals to pick the recipient,someone that really needs a wheelchair, someone that does not have insurance and no resources to purchase a new wheelchair.
    You may be able to go on New Mobility's website and read the article online. Just thought some of you may find this interesting.
    MJ Hopper

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    re check your url.

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    Thanks DY. btw Darrell has a hot looking wife.

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