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Thread: Community Metrics 2004

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    max and others, I have moved the discussion concerning polls and ratings to another topic. Wise.

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    Chart of Page Views and Visitors per day (with log trends), and Members replacing listing. There was an unexplained blip around the second week of January. The number of members is continuing to climb at 5-10 new registrations per day.

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    I have replaced the log trends with seven-day moving averages. This is because we always have a dip in the traffic during the weekends.

    The chart shows a remarkable doubling of the traffic in terms of views per day and posts per day. The number of visitors went up by about 30%. The number of members now exceeds 5500.

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    This idea might not be well received. However, with this high number of visits it would be a good idea to make some profit by selling some sort of propaganda space on the site, and use the income to finance medical research or other ideas. On the other hand I am ignorant about Rutgers regulations, and I must accept that the university was of a great help by allowing this SCI forum to exist.

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    Miguel, I responded in this topic in the Feedback forum.

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    We have had 10 new registration per day.

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    Hmmmm - maybe it's time for that 'new members' forum?

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    Hmm, perhaps because the server has been slow, we have had a significant dropoff in traffic during the last three days, as well as new member registrations. Or, is it because of the good weather? Wise.

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    Must be springtime. Traffic is definitely down. Number of visitors is not down as much, suggesting that people are still coming in but just not looking at as many pages. People are posting less as well. Wise.

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    We are stabilizing at about 50,000 page views, 2000 visitors, 250 posts, and 7 new registrations per day. Wise.

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