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Thread: Community Metrics 2004

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    Community Metrics 2004

    Chart of Views/day (left axis), Posts/day, Visitors/day, Mb downloaded per day, and Members (right axis), trends with 7-day moving averages. Wise.

    To see the actual numbers, please go to Community Statistics

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    We have had an enormous jump in our viewership and number of visitors in the past few days. In the past 7 days, our viewership exceeded 50,000 every day, breaking 70,000 for the first time in our history. The number of daily visitors likewise broke the 2000 barrier for the first time on Monday and Tuesday. We had over 400 postings for the first time yesterday.

    In the last week of December 2003, we were averaging 54871 page views, 309 posts, and 1605 visitors per day, high numbers considering that it is the week between Christmas and New Years. In the previous week, traffic was also high with 50,009 views, 314 posts, and 1466 visitors per day, considering that it was Christmas.

    In the last 12 months, we have averaged 28,266 views, 206 posts, and 1249 visitors per day. This compares with 12,429 views, 154 posts, and 1040 visitors per day. In short, every year, we have been doubling our viewship, number of visitors, and number of posts.

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    Check out the old 'State of our community'here, for an interesting piece of history!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Community Metrics December 2003

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    On Monday, we broke 85,000 page views for the first time and had 445 posts (an all-time high), as well as 2019 visitors. What was surprising was the jump in Mb downloaded. We exceeded a gigabyte for the first time. I wonder whether that is related to the butt-wagging post. Wise.

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    On Wednesday, we broke another record. 23 new members successfully registered in one day. Wise.

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    rofl, the butt-wagging post affected community metrics? kort strikes again... :-)

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    Dr. Young:

    Could you graph these data point and perhaps superimpose a moving average on the pertinint ones.

    Think it would show the growth with much more impact than tab data.

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    cris, good idea. wise.

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    Note that there may be slight discrepancies in the page view counts. I believe that the ones from the CareCure report represent actual pageviews while the ones cited in the statistics above include pageviews and emails. By the way, Thursday 1/15/04 number of 487 postings again broke the record. Wise.

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