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Thread: I'm back

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    I'm back

    just wanted to say a QUICK hello and say that I was back to all of those that remember me!

    ~*~*~Priscilla Katheryn
    Dec. 7, 2002 I become Mrs. Hedlin!!!

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    Hi, and welcome back! And sounds like a congrats is in order, too!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    thank you!

    and kind of -- we already had our one year anniversary

    ~*~*~Priscilla Katheryn
    Dec. 7, 2002 I become Mrs. Hedlin!!!

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    Welcome back Glitter!

    How have you been, what's going on?

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    i got married just over a year ago and thats about it

    I am begging my hubby for a baby --- but not yet LOL

    I posted wedding pictures in the photo area...

    the thread is called new pictures of me --- I think ---

    ~*~*~Priscilla Katheryn

    Dec. 7, 2002 I became a Mrs! WOW! one year already!!

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    This should probably be in the Members Forum instead of here....

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    priscilla, welcome back. Long time. Glad you are back. Wise.

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    Welcome home and congratulations!


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