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Thread: Login Problems?

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    Login Problems?

    until just recently, I never had to login to the site after leaving and coming back. Now whenever I return to the site, I have to click on log in to see time and date stamps and be able to reply. It does not make me sign in, I just have to click on the login button and it recognizes me automatically.

    How do I stay logged in all the time?

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    Carl, I think that some of your browser cookies may be corrupted. You can find the cookies from carecure on your browser by looking in the preferences. You may want to delete them. Then if you log in, you should click the box that says to automatically log you in. I hope that this solves the problem. Wise.

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    I am still having problems when I move from page to page and a round the site. For whatever reason, I have to logon some pages, and then move to the next page and will be logged out. No rhyme or reason why. Some pages I am logged in, some not? I have deleted my entire cookie file, and have run several windows clean programs. Also deleted temporary files. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this problem?

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    Carl, I am not sure. It may be related to a time-out for your login. If you are not active on the site for 30 minutes or an hour (I am not sure), the site automatically unlogs you. In any case, you should be able to solve this problem by checking the box that says that you want to be automatically logged in every time you go to the site. In that case, every time you click a window and you are not logged in, your will be automatically logged in. Wise.

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    I have never encountered this problem and since you have dumped your cookies along with internet history, maybe you should run Spybot-Search and Destroy if you haven't already done so. Other than this problem, how is the rest of your computer working? You may want to try a different browser.


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