I have trying a new approach to the front page of the site because the page is getting too long.

When most of you come to the site, you will be greeted with the four categories of forums without the list of forums underneath them. You can click each category to show the forums for the category and then browse and post as you would normally.

I am trying this for several reasons:

1. The front page was just getting too long. It not only presents a very cluttered front page but it is also a big page that requires some time to download (particularly for people with slow connections). Doing it this way significantly reduces the front page download to 47Kb and each category of forums is only 57 Kb or less to download. Before, the front page with all the forums has to load 100 Kb or more every time.

2. I counted the number of mouse and keystrokes needed to get to most of the forums, including scroll clicks, and the new approach requires fewer steps to get into most of the forums.

In addition, I reduced the font size in the pages.

Let us know what you think of the new approach. Thanks.