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Thread: Problem Browsing Care Cure

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    Problem Browsing Care Cure

    Does anyone else have this problem and if so, how did you overcome it?

    When I hit "back" in my browser after viewing a topic, instead of getting the main page, I get the html text. If I hit refresh in my browser, the correct interface comes up, but I should not have to do that everytime I back out of a topic.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    I think that this was a temporary glitch. It should be gone so if not already. I don't have the problem now. Let us know if you continue to see the problem. Wise.

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    Dr. Young, I am still having this problem. It only occurs when I hit the back button and it does not happen every time. Any ideas? I imagine that it has to be the site since I don't have the problem anywhere else.


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    HC, this seems to be a problem with the code on the site. Infopop has apparently fixed the problem but has not yet migrated to code to the server that hosts our site yet. I attach a topic printout on the subject in the infopop support forum.

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