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Thread: Community metrics

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    Anybody notice we passed the 4000 members mark!
    Yeah!!!! Let's hit 10,000 members in the next 12 months.

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    People may be interested in how others use the subscription services of this site. This web site offers users the choice of displaying topics that they are interested in on a personal page, getting a daily email digest of all the postings in a given forum, getting immediate email notification, and getting a weekly email digest. The following are the number of members who are using each of these services.

    Personal Pages 2639
    Daily Email Digest 148
    Immediate Email Notification 1771
    Weekly Email Digest 17


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    We have broken the 100,000 posting barrier. The site now has 104344 posts, 259 of which contain attachments. Wise.

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    I shifted the statistics to weekly to give a better bird's eye view of our progress. Last week, we broke the 30,000 views on one day. Wise.

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    Statistics reported for period of: August 1-31, 2003

    Community Activity

    Total Page Views: 713392
    Average Page Views/Day: 23013
    Total New Topics Created: 943
    Five Most Popular Topics:

    • Proud Of Our Disabilities by Chris2 (with 144 posts and 2797 page views)
    • 28 able bodied female looking... by misterhappyshorts (with 81 posts and 1720 page views)
    • IBOT...more BS from the AB community by Red_1_Canada (with 50 posts and 1462 page views)
    • how did this happen? by Joey M (with 70 posts and 1348 page views)
    • can u do this ? by ~the gimp~ (with 56 posts and 1392 page views)

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    I don't know if people can open the attached file but it is an html file that reports on the statistics of September. Our site broke a number of records.

    1. We had 207 new members sign up during the month. This is more than any previous month.

    2. People logged in a total of 11,134 hours on the site with a total of 1,022,332 page views. This is the first time that we have broken a million page views per month.

    3. Not surprisingly, the top five topics were all about the Beijing sojourn by three of our members.


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    Since the week ending September 23, our site has consistently had more than 10,000 visitors per week, an average of over 300,000 page views per week. This past week, we broke the all time record of 2000 posts per week. Wise.

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    Since September, the traffic to this site has more than doubled, from 120,000-170,000 page views per week to now over 350,000 page views per week. The number of posts went from 1200-1300 to over 2300 per week. The number of visitors have gone from 8000-9000 visitors per week to over 11000 visitors per week. The number of gigabytes downloaded has gone from less than 1 gigabyte per week to now over close to 3 gigabytes per week. Over 500 new members have registered and we should soon reach 5000 registered members.


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