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Thread: Community metrics

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    I don't know if anybody noticed but we have had a sudden increase in the number of registrants. In the last three days, we have had 40 new members. Wise.

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    Doing a Google search for "spinal cord injury" we now show up on page 6. On Yahoo doing the same search we show up on page 4. We don't show up on the first 18 pages of AltaVista.

    But...our search engine ranking has improved. I wonder if the submissions I worked on are finally paying off slightly.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    On April 15, I gave a lecture to the senior class at Northern VA Community College. I was given permission to use pictures of some members and told some stories and shared the real life experiences and personal messages of people living daily with spinal cord injury. The letter I got back as feedback was positive. I encouraged the students to visit the site and begin to consider supporting the cure. They would have had computer lab time on the 18th....I wonder if some of those students could have accounted for a portion of that 40? The timing seems right. I heard later that a few of them were genuinely interested.

    Lets HOPE so.


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    That is great Mary and Jeff. Let us hope that the new members keep coming. Wise.

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    Age Distribution of the CareCure Members

    This is a graph of the age distribution of the members.

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    Jeff, I was just reading in a computer magazine that many search engines (including Google) rank their sites on a search based on the number of times that a certain phrase is listed on the site. Some sites have moved themselves up on the search engine lists by filling all the blank spaces on their site with text, but masking it by making the text the same color as the background.

    For example, for our site, the words "spinal cord injury" would be written over and over in white text in all the blank appearing spaces on the home and forums main page. Have we considered or tried this?

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    KLD, google rankings are based on several criteria. One is the number of people who click on a site that google presents.

    There are services that attempt to manipulate the priorities of google and other searches. For example, one of the ways in which these services work is to go repeatedly to a search service, find the site that they are trying to promote, and then repeatedly select that site to raise the priority of that particular site in the list of found sites. It is also possible to pay search services to rank sites higher.

    We are growing at a steady rate, at an average of about 5 new members per day on average. Over a 1000 people on average come every day to our site, spending an average of 10-16 minutes viewing an average of about 20 page views per visit. We have core group of about 1200 users who have viewed over 300 pages of the site. About 150 members have viewed over 10000 pages of the site.

    Last year, when I did an analysis of our membership, approximately 70% has spinal cord injury. About 22% are caregivers or have a relative or friend with spinal cord injury. About 7% are professionals. When I have time, I will go back and analyze this again although about half of our membership do not indicate their spinal cord injury status.


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    For the Month of May 2003:

    Total Registered Members: 3866
    Total New Members: 171
    Total Hours Usage Logged: 7574

    Top Five Posters:
    Wise Young (627 Posts)
    Max (283 Posts)
    SCI-Nurse (218 Posts)
    seneca (188 Posts)
    Acid (164 Posts)

    Top Five Topic-Starters:
    Wise Young (244 Posts)
    Max (192 Posts)
    seneca (43 Posts)
    Leo (33 Posts)
    Dr. J. J. (23 Posts)

    % of Members Who Posted:

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    Interesting that we had a big increase in the number of visitors in the last two days. Wise.

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    We are beginning to approach two big milestone in our site that we will exceed probably by next week. We now have close to 4000 members (3973) and close to 100,000 posts (97,442) on the site.

    On a monthly basis, the site is getting over 30,000 (33,318) visitors to the site, over 600,000 page views (618,852), and nearly 6000 posts per month.

    On the daily basis, we are getting an average of 5 new members, 200 posts, 1000 visits, and 20,000 views per day.

    A consistent weekly pattern has also emerged. Most people visit us on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The visits taper off on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


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