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Thread: Community metrics

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    Should we own stock or something??


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    Originally posted by NoDecafPlz:

    Should we own stock or something??

    Joe, that is not such a bad idea. We are getting now over 11,000 visits per week from over 5000 registered members, looking at over 300,000 pages on the site every week. There is a lot of valuable information on this site. We currently have nearly 140,000 messages on the database.

    If we offer stock starting at a $10 per share, I think that people would buy. The stock will give community ownership of the site.


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    Sounds interesting. How would the site produce revenue? Would you consider advertisers, otherwise, the fee would be a membership or registration fee.

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    Bigbob, I am continuing the discussion in the Funding and Legislation Forum at the following topic link. See my answer there. Wise.

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    Our numbers a little down this week because the site was off-line several times last week. Wise.

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