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Thread: *New CareCure Logo*

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    Hi guys,
    A little bird told me about this post so I had to come check it out.

    I have been working on my college stuff 24/7 for the past few months so I haven't been able to come post (or email anyone - sorry guys), but today I finally decided I deserved a break (it's my birthday. )

    Great ideas for the logo, meson. About a year ago I had decided to do the same thing and designed something (I actually let a few people see it too), but I wanted to make some changes which I ended up not having time for back then.

    A friend gave me a critique (thanks Russell) and I messed around with some ideas later on, but I had kind of given up on the idea until this last summer.

    The reason I'm posting not is that I decided to let you all see my old idea because it is a little different then what has been posted so far. It has some graphic elements, so you can think about doing something a little different.

    (Please remember that this isn't a finished logo or anything. It's just something I was messing around with and I'm not an artist or anything either. ;-) The colors should be changed and the outside border could be changed or removed. I did get it to be not very cluttered and it would look halfway decent in only black (, but it's still a pretty crappy example.)

    Anyway, happy Halloween everyone! Only about 2 months until Christmas break, so be expecting some emails then if not sooner. I'm going to go have my birthday supper so I'll catch you all later. Melissa

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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    I hope my .gif shows up fine. My web host isn't the greatest in the world Melissa

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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    "why only text-based?"
    My bad. It doesn't necessarily have to be strictly text/lettering. Depending on what we come up with, we could totally render a vector version of a neuron, dendrites, or whatever comes up... just have to keep in mind the various applications beyond web graphics (silkscreening, spot color separations, etc). I briefly explained how it would be near-impossible to manifest the different things which CareCure represents into a single symbolic logo, and addressed some of the issues to consider regarding the content. A choice of typeface is always a good place to start, as it can be the element which speaks the loudest. I also figured this was easier than getting all technical in explaining to everybody why logos have to be designed in vectors.

    "CareCure needs to look as professional as possible"
    Agreed. Precisely the motivation behind this project.

    "something set up in a Word processor to look like a logo..."
    Dude... gimme a frickin break. These are not final logo suggestions, not even mockups. They are six possible choices from my font bank, using the characters which could possibly appear in the logo. (To be honest, I was disappointed myself when very few stood out of the crowd, #1 being my top pick. What other fonts you got on your machine?) These were dropped in black and white (no colour, no tweakage) to ensure that people focused on the typeface, to give their initial reactions to the look and feel of different font styles. Colors, graphics and tweaking will definitely come, after we settle on a typeface/general vibe.

    I knew that everybody's opinions would differ greatly, but I'm just trying to be diplomatic in getting as much feedback is possible. In that sense, this thread is turning into everything I feared it would (many varying opinions), but now into something I hoped it wouldn't. I'm all for collaborating Rus, but the last thing I want to get into is a designer's duel, y'knowhaddahmean?


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    thanks for the contribution... and Happy Birthday!!

    ~Velcro holds my life together~

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    We had an aprentice in the office this week, and when he just sat there looking bored and longing for some action, I asked him to look at carecure and think of it as a customer... Yes I know abuse of young people, but he was desperate to work with something IRL, so he grabbed the task with kisses.
    His outline was to design a banner in size 2:1, f.ex. 120x60 that could be used for banner exchange. He should use the same lines but could rearrange them if he wanted, and least he should try to put some kind of symbols into it to loosen up the heavy text mass.
    Well, I wouldnt say his result is perfect, but to serve as an example on lightening the text a bit, I think its ok so just to show its possible to have both a kind of symbols and lots of readable text on small areas, I post it here to look at.
    His idea with the graphichs was to indicate the offering hands of the care section, and the footprints as the ultimate goal in cure. The text is kept in a thin verdana because it is readable in even small sizes, and he rearranged the lines for a better balance..

    Personally I am not sure I like either feet or hands - but I like the idea of something blending into the text, and with a good imagination, you can put almost anything more suitable instead.

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    New Logo

    Uhmm me too I tried to design a new CareCure Logo. Of course it's just an experiment


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    How´s this?

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    Beautiful Melly, awesome logo! It still retains some of the original GO CURE! elements, but now it's even more relevant to our situation, and this website, combined. Great job gorgeous ;-)

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    How about these?

    I had not noticed this thread before but when I saw it, decided to try my hand at it. I am by no means a good designer but I hope this helps. When I was working with my image, my son came into the room and saw it. He decided to try it too. We are hoping these don't take too long to load. This is what we came up with. The first image is his suggestion. Mine is the second one.


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    Your Logo´s look great Raven...compaired to my slapped together farce of an attempt!

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