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Thread: *New CareCure Logo*

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    *New CareCure Logo*

    With the green light from Dr. Y, I've undertaken the task of conceiving a new logo for the site. The main motivation behind this initiative is 'branding'; it is good to have a strong graphic identity that people can recognize easily and connect to CareCure. Of course, this will freshen up the look of this site, but will also be useful for link exchange banners and other forms of web presence. As the community grows, this may also come in handy for real-world promotional applications on T-shirts, pamphlets, posters, etc. After giving this project some thought, I've plotted out some basic guidelines. Please contribute your constructive criticism, suggestions and brainfarts below.

    Some issues:

    Text based vs. graphic logo: Considering the different applications that the logo may be used for, I think we're looking at a text-based logo, as opposed to some kind of symbol or graphic. We can tweak, stylize and append to whatever we decide on, but if we were to try and embody the many facets of CareCure in one symbol, this project may never take shape. Hence, the logical place to start would be the choice of a certain typographic style or font. Scroll further down for some possibilities, and vote for your favorites. And if you are graphically inclined, feel free to post some of your own suggestions.

    Text Content: CareCure vs. - It is important to identify the CareCure Community, but it could also point to the site itself. redirects to the site, and for on-site appearances, this is obviously extraneous information. But if the logo is appearing on its own in a promotional context, then it would be a good idea to have the URL. The problem is that the logo becomes text heavy; the words CareCure Community plus makes for a whole lot of characters. I guess it depends on how we want to publicize the site, but there several possible solutions. One idea would be settling on a particular font which would look good in both cases, whether it says CareCure or (see below).

    Graphic content: Although it won't be an integral part of the official logo, the version appearing on the site can include a full-colour graphic in the background or something more elaborate than just the text. I've worked on a couple of logos for disability-related orgs, and one thing I like to do is remove the 'disability' from the logo equation. That is, instead of depicting the obvious (ie. wheelchair symbolism), I try to focus more on positive imagery related to the raison d'etre of the organization. One concept I thought of for CareCure was a sort of neurone-like image in the background, behind the text. Not only does it represent neurology, science, research etc. but I find the branchlike structure also symbolizes the nature of a web-based community (many people coming together at a single point). I'm not sure if you catch my drift, but do an Image search on Google and you'll grasp it right away. Anyhow, this is more of a final detail to spiff up the site, definitely not priority, but feel free to post anything that comes to mind.

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    Thanks Meson, great effort.

    I like #2 and #6

    I think red is a good color.

    Onward and Upward!

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    My vote is for #6. Try red with silver or red with grey.

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    I like 5 and 6....and the neuron idea is great! I love it!

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    ~ Anon

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    I like #6 and thanks. Great job!

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    I like #4 in red .

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    Good Idea

    Meson, good idea.

    5 or 6. Red which the neural background using white and grey/black will stand out

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    I kinda like number 3, all round and even.

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    I like 1 and 3 in dark blue

    You are free to use the logo of the person jumping out of the chair that was put on the tee shirts. Just let me know if you need a jpeg if you decide to.

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    I like number three, printed deep red or maroon on a silver background. Thanks for all you great work and ideas.

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