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Thread: ascending vs. descending posts

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    ascending vs. descending posts

    Why do the posts here go
    1) original topic, and then
    2) most recent reply
    3) 2nd most recent reply
    x) first reply


    You have to scroll all the way down, then go back up, to read in chronological order. Ya makin me dizzy!

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    I never liked this set up. I know there's a reason it was chosen, but it annoys me.


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    I love descending posts

    It makes it a lot easier to read what's been posted since you last looked at a topic. This option biases ease-of-use toward those who use the site more frequently.

    I often visit sites with ascending order and it's a drag having to click the last page on multi-page topics, then scroll back to see where I left off.

    This way isn't perfect but it's easy to get used to and can be much easier for frequent visitors, reducing the amount of click-n-wait substantially.

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    I like it much better.

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    It was also set up this way to limit the amount of time and energry users with adaptive equipment or impaired dexterity would have to put forth. This way, the most recent posts remain on the first page.

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