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Thread: A head injury forum?

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    A head injury forum?

    I have been receiving heart-breaking emails from families who are struggling with head injury. They have no real forum to see what research is doing for them. As many as 25% of the spinal cord injury community have had some form of head injury at the time of their accident. So, I am thinking of creating a head-injury form (like the pain-forum). What do you think?

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    Dear Wise,

    I think a head injury forum would be an excellent idea for our site.

    These are sites I have found tremendously informative and useful, both from a research, practical, and 'chat' viewpoint:

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Anybody else have an opinion?

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    I have been lookiing for a forum

    I have been looling for a fourm. I had a open head trauma when I was 14. I am trying to find out about mood swings,that i think might be from that trauma.I have a lots of question.but can find no answers

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    I think it would be a great move. Head trauma and sci goes hand in hand for many. Plus it would give a great resource and home for this group. TIRR, where I was for rehab, had a head trauma and amputee floors as well as sci. My buddy that was in the wreck with me had been to TIRR when he was 14. Severe head trauma(brains on pavement) from a motorcycle accident. When he visited, he said it was like coming home.
    For the guy in the post above, my buddy has big mood swings, to anger in a heartbeat. I also do. And anger management classes don't help much. Hang around, there will be folks to talk to soon, I'd bet the Doc will hook ya up quickly.

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    I think it's a fantastic idea.

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    It's needed. Please do it.

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    I vote no ...

    I'll dissent ... I think it would broaded the scope of care cure from sci to more than just sci. Next could be other worthy diseases and soon the focus goes from SCI to being injured in general. I would be for a limited forum of "SCI-related head injury" but that's all I would be comfortable with. -- Ami
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    Isn't the Politics forum already a head-injury forum?
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    As long as you can handle the extra expert only are the only world class genius that does this I feel .. it would be most appreciate by many for sure.
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