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Thread: Absolutely Sickening - voice your views

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    Absolutely Sickening - voice your views

    Hi people,

    As an SCI gal myself, im well aware of how people can treat you, both well and adversely. But it isnt often that I see or hear things that completely inscence me as I try to ignore as much as possible but...............

    This has to take the biscuit:-

    Please do us all a favour and in the memory of Christopher Reeves - let your thoughts be known to the twisted ******** who run this site.

    Id defy any of them to be as strong as the people on carecure if the tables were turned and its people such as these mindless idiots who help keep the World a more biased place.

    Jen x

    "Dont eat yellow snow" (Quote)

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    Can you be more specific about what you find offensive about this site?


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    Click on something and you will see exactly what is so offensive.

    I sent an email complaining right away.


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    Free Speech.

    Tasteless, yes, but we live in the US.

    *Vote for Change 2004*

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    Sending them hate mail would only be what they want: attention. I say completely ignore them. A fiery ticked off letter from a spinal cord injured person would make their day. Don't give them the pleasure. But they are bastids aren't they? (can I swear here if I deliberately spell it wrong? ;-)

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    The 2 latest t-shirt designs i.e In reference to Christopher Reeves

    "Dont eat yellow snow" (Quote)

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    Thats not free speech in my book

    Originally posted by Liz321:

    Free Speech.

    Tasteless, yes, but we live in the US.

    *Vote for Change 2004*
    "Dont eat yellow snow" (Quote)

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    I agree. Those are pretty offensive. Unfortunately, our constitution protects the idiots, too. That site makes its money by producing offensive/provocative t-shirts. It's to be expected.

    The people who really worry me are those who buy them, wear them, and think it's funny.

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    as the saying can't argue with a sick mind.

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    The entire web site is offensive. Unfortunately, the internet is a baaaad neighborhood. We sure don't have to look very far to find this kind of garbage. I'm not sure we'd have a landfill large enough to clean up the net though.

    Any attention you give these folks will only feed the fire.

    If you want to let your thoughts be known, you could always contact the sight owner. I've provided his contact information below.

    T-Shirt Hell Inc.
    Aaron Schwarz (
    3395 S. Jones Blvd. #402
    Las Vegas, NV 89146

    I wasn't able to find a BBB listing for them.

    I also found this article about them: Says Olsen Twins At It Again: Target Second T-Shirt Company in Less Than a Week

    LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 2004--Las Vegas based internet company was hit with a Cease and Desist Order from Dual Star Entertainment the same day as the Los Angeles based "Save Mary-Kate" t-shirt company was issued a similar communication. While the Save Mary Kate camp has chosen to comply and discontinue selling their shirts, claims it is not going to back down.

    "What did the Olsen Twins have...a Cease and Desist slumber party? I wonder how many other lucky t-shirt companies received similar communications", commented Gary Cohen, director of operations at T-Shirt Hell.

    The controversy is a result of the T-Shirt Hell t-shirt with the words, "I *bleeped* The Olsen Twins Before They Were Famous".

    Aaron Landau Schwarz, the founder and owner of T-Shirt Hell said, "This whole thing is completely without merit. This is as frivolous as Mary-Kate at a buffet breakfast. It's a classic case of a little guy being bullied by a big corporation, ironically one made up of two little girls. So you could say it's a case of a little guy, being bullied by two little girls, but I would prefer you didn't".

    When asked if they'll see the case all the way to court, T-Shirt Hell claimed that the possibility was a dream come true. "It's not that we want to be sued on a regular basis, but an opportunity to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley is too good to be true. I can't wait to see their outfits. I know they'll be fabulous. And I know they'll be wearing one of the new mary-kateandashley perfumes, but which one? Will it be mary-kateandashley one, smelling of night blooming jasmine? Or mary-kateandashley two with hints of apple and white peach?".

    "We know the twins take a pretty hard line on justice", said Aaron. "I remember in 'The Case of The Cheerleading Tattletale', when the twins were at Camp Pom-Pom, and the Pirates from Camp Spirit stole their cheer. They were pretty miffed. But this is nothing like that".

    Launched in October 2001, is the most visited t-shirt website on the Internet. The site averages over 75,000 unique visitors and over 400,000 page views daily (source is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a manufacturing facility located in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Here is another:

    o Online T-Shirt Seller Sues The Osbournes for $15 Million

    New York -- An online retailer of self-described "offensive" T-shirts,, has filed a $15 million lawsuit against Ozzy and Sharon
    Osbourne, Sony Music and Epic Records, alleging a slogan
    was used without the site owner's permission. According to
    owner Aaron Landau Schwarz, his site began selling a shirt with the slogan
    "F*** My Family, I'm Moving In With The Osbournes!" in March 2002.
    Osbourne's record label, Epic Records, purchased $500 worth of the shirts
    for promotional purposes. Schwarz then says that two months later, the
    Osbournes began selling T-shirts both online and in retail stores bearing
    the slogan, "F*** my family! I'm movin' in with. The Osbourne Family." The
    lawsuit seeks to have all profits from the offending shirt turned over to
    Schwarz, as well as $15 million in damages.
    There is a whole link dedicated to his press coverage on his own web site:

    Don't pull this up with your kids around, its full of filth.
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