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Thread: A head injury forum?

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    Okay, it may take a while to prepare but I think that we will have a brain injury forum.


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    Hello Dr. Young,

    Last month at the SCI Summit in Atlanta, your name was prominent in discussions of spinal cord injuries.

    In Georgia last year, there were 44,000 head traumas and 2,400 spinal cord injuries, which indicates a head trauma forum is certainly needed.

    Thanks for everything.
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    I voted in favor, but my 2 cents is to construct the new tbi forum so that it can be detached from CareCure to stand alone if it really takes off. As others have noted, we really don't want the current focus to be overwhelmed. It wouldn't just be the new forum that would receive postings, but all of the ancillary forums too (Announcements, Politics, etc.). If it is detached, then there would be a question of funding too. I still think it's a great idea and needed.
    My opinions,

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    I would like to see a brain injury forum...I went through head/neck trauma when I had my accident a few years back...and I'm still having problems with my brain...

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    I throw my 2 cents in with those who suggest caution. While I think that a Brain Injury Forum is a good idea, I think that having the professional expertise, keeping the SCI forum with an SCI focus, and having it be able to stand alone are all items to carefully consider.

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    I selected must have, but that may have been a little strong. I think that it would be a good addition and we could certainly add to the pool of resources need by the ABI/TBI injured or caregiver.
    I think KLD makes some excellent points and I’d like to add that if nursing with those specific skills or experiences could be included also it could really help to turn care cure into a wonderful tool for the TBI group.

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    Thank you, Dr Young.
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    Thumbs up Yes!!!!!!!!!

    I have a friend who had a bad car accident 6 years ago today and it would be really helpful for us! Please set one up Dr Wise! Thank you for all you do for all of us!!! Your a Man among Men! Thanks, Brad

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    Chiming in again, I think a TBI forum would be an excellent idea; we already have forums for TM, MS, etc. They're ALL neurological disorders; as some folks have said, research currently for SCI can also be applied in some cases to brain injury.

    If moderators could be located and pressed into service who have a working medical knowledge of TBI, and perhaps family members who also have experience, I think the forum could turn into as valuable a resource for TBI as the forums are for SCI.

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