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Thread: bowel program opinions...

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    bowel program opinions...

    Caregiver: The person I care for is a C4-5 incomplete level. He does not eat a well balanced meal as he should due to complications of stomach problems not resolved yet. His bowel program may last up to five hours sometimes longer. His fluid intake is low as well. This whole experience is extremely painful for him. If he can increase food consumption and his fluid intake, in your opinion, will this problem subside? Or help alleviate some pain? We are seeing a Urologist and a GI dr. Neither doctor has had any success with this situation.
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    I'm copying this topic to the Care Forum so you can get better replies.

    BTW, clicking "New Topic" is the better way to start a discussion such as this. "Post a Poll" is firstly for question/answer polls that users vote on by clicking answers supplied by the poll starter.

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